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Hard Covers Now Available

I am delighted to announce a hardcover version of Yellow Death: Arrival is now available to order from Amazon. I have ordered copies for my own use and the quality is surprisingly good. Breaking with tradition, Amazon is printing the cover images on the cover itself rather than having a separate paper slip-cover.

It is only in the past few weeks that Amazon has introduced the facility to print hardcover books on demand. Thus, I must be one of the first authors to make this available to my readers.

Reading is a great pleasure. The medium used to deliver the content can make a big difference. I am a big fan of ebooks, but I know of people who prefer to read an ornate, illustrated hardcover book from the Folio Society – even though they cost a small fortune. Hopefully, having hardcover versions of my books will make them appealing to a wider audience. Of course, hardcover books make excellent gifts – hint, hint.

Arrival novel format comparison

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