Yellow Death: Arrival is a finalist in the Page Turner Awards

Wow - I am absolutely delighted to find out that my first novel - Yellow Death: Arrival - has reached the finals of the 2022 Page Turner Awards.  This is an international writing competition with a distinguished panel of judges. This year there were over a thousand entries in the book category so it is a real honour to reach…

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3D Image of Yellow Death: Atonement on burning background

Yellow Death: Atonement is here!

The third book in the thrilling Yellow Death series was published on 13th May 2022 (that's Friday the 13th). This concludes the story that has run across the first three books. Book two left readers on a cliff hanger and this book dives straight into the action and keeps up the tension until the climax. At the same time as…

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Yellow Death: Aftermath is published!

I am thrilled to report that my second book in the Yellow Death Chronicles series has been published this week. Yellow Death: Aftermath is available as ebook, paperback, hardcover and large print formats.I intend this to be a series of books but the first three form a distinct trilogy. Since Aftermath is the middle part of the story it was…

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The High Price of Printing

Why are Amazon print books so expensive? This is a question that independent authors are often asked. You can walk into many book stores and purchase paperbacks for a price that would barely seem to cover the cost of the paper.  Yet printed books on sale on Amazon often appear relatively expensive - especially compared to the ebook equivalent. So…

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