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Yellow Death: Arrival reaches the finals of the 2022 Page Turner Awards

My first novel – Yellow Death: Arrival – has been voted into the finals of the annual Page Turner Awards by a distinguished panel of judges.

There were over a thousand entries in the book category in 2022, so this is a massive pat on the back from industry professionals and experts.

Peter reads the prologue from ‘Yellow Death: Arrival’.

Book cover of Yellow Death: Arrival

Yellow Death: Atonement is here!

The long awaited conclusion of the first trilogy is published and available from Amazon. It’s free to read if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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Yellow Death: Aftermath

The second book in the Yellow Death Chronicles series has received great customer reviews on Amazon. Click the button below to find out what people are saying about it.

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Yellow Death: Arrival - the story begins

The first book in the Yellow Death Chronicles has received wonderful reviews from Amazon customers.  

In this first book, we are introduced to the two main characters – Cal and Kim – as they live through the pandemic that kills 99% of the population. Cal has several experiences that begin to force him down a path he would never have chosen.

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